Rambling on.

Leaves are falling all around, It’s time I was on my way.
Thanks to you, I’m much obliged for such a pleasant stay.
But now it’s time for me to go. The autumn moon lights my way.
For now I smell the rain, and with it pain, and it’s headed my way.
Sometimes I grow so tired, but I know I’ve got one thing I got to do:

Ramble on, and now’s the time, the time is now…

Onwards and out.  I bid goodbye to my two flatmates here tonight.  It’s really been a lovely time here.  Though I will not miss Erlangen in the slightest, I have really enjoyed living with the two of them, and I am a little sad to be leaving them, though not at all regretting leaving Erlangen.  My contract for the next apartment has been signed and sent, and when I head out early tomorrow morning, there will be no looking back.  Well, except to pick up my suitcase after I return.

I have had a lovely visit with Brittney to date.  Though I have been to Munich a handful of times to date, our day there together knocked off two major wholes in my knowledge of the city–Dachau and, on a lighter note, the Hofbräuhaus, where Brittney successfully finished off a Maß (did NOT think she had it in her).  We also went on a lovely hike in the German Alps before returning here.  I also finally went to Bamberg, which was stunningly pretty.  Will eventually hopefully write more on all that.

Today, after school, was spent mostly packing, with a little baking and cooking to get rid of some of my remaining stuff.  The best part was the pumpkin muffins I just baked.  Mmm.  With freshly made pumpkin puree and a touch of fresh ginger.  Delicious.

Mixing the batter.

And the finished product:

Nothing says fall like cooking with pumpkin!

But for now, it is time to move on.  Tomorrow it is on to Interlaken via Basel.  I fully intend to be channeling my inner James Bond on Saturday.  Chances are, next update will be a long time from now.  So, here’s to traveling!


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