Ze Tschörmens

On another unrelated note, a friend directed me to this site through facebook. A brief perusal, and it has totally made my day.

Its mission statement puts its purpose rather well:

Meet the Germans–and find out what’s typical of them.  What determines whether something is typical? Maybe when nearly everyone says: “Yes, that’s exactly how it is!” With Meet the Germans we want to explore what’s typical of Germany and German society. We’ll introduce people in different walks of life and try and find out what lies behind various German habits.

With sections on  Bavaria, nordic walking, German humor, German obsession with Native Americans, dogs, and many other topics. As I look more closely at it, a lot of the pieces are written by reasonably famous (within Germany) writers, like Wladimir Kaminer, the Russian-born Jew whose stories of absurdity on life in Berlin (Russendisko among others) are generally delightful. His contribution is on the Germans and disorder. I quote:

Yesterday, I was in a street-corner pub and ordered a popular, down-to-earth German dish, the Strammer Max, a piece of bread topped with egg and ham. “But one slice of bread, please, not two,” I specified. “One slice not two? What do you mean? One, not two?” The waiter devoted serious thought to the matter, weighing up whether and how it would be possible to prepare a Strammer Max with one slice of bread rather than two. Despite his best efforts, it was beyond him. No, it was “a gastronomic dead end”. He seemed slightly disturbed as he stared at me. Of course, I immediately cancelled my order. It would be best for the Strammer Max to stay exactly as it was intended to be: with two slices of bread and two fried eggs on top.

I highly encourage you to take a look yourself. An humorous peak into the German national character.


2 thoughts on “Ze Tschörmens

  1. Glad you enjoyed it. =) Es ist wirklich alles drin… selbst die Tanzstunden in der 10. Klasse (schau mal in die fb Gruppe You know you’re German if… auch ein sehr akkurates Bild.) Ich musste mich erinnern an ein Gespräch mit einer amerikanischen Freundin, als ich ihr versucht habe zu erklären, dass mein Vater “Nordic Walking” als Sport macht. Dass das eine Absurdität der deutschen Kultur ist, war mir bis dahin nicht wirklich bewusst. Ich habe ihr den Artikel weitergeleitet. Genauso wie Winnetou – für die Weihnachtsferien steht Der Schuh des Manitu auf dem Programm =).

  2. Dein Vater macht Nordic Walking? Das ist echt klasse. Ehrlich gesagt, ich finde Nordic Walking ein wenig lächerlich (aber wegen des Artikels hab ich jetzt ein bissl mehr Respekt). Hab grad heute einige Nordic Walkers gesehen. 🙂

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