Oh, grad school apps!

Things accomplished:

  • Pack of Tic Tacs vanquished
  • Pocket knife thoroughly cleaned (long overdue!)
  • Bed turned around (long-standing annoyance, hard to explain)
  • Shower
  • Music collection reorganized
  • iPod music library readjusted
  • 45 minute conversation with Alana, a former roommate
  • Long conversation with my sister
  • Short chat with my brother
  • Caught up with Tom, because, you know, so much can happen in 36 hours
  • 2 liters of tea drunk
  • Map collection updated to reflect recent travels
  • Unpacked

Things not accomplished:

  • Six grad school applications, due January 4 (four of them), 5 (one), and 15 (one).

What can I  say? I am incorrigible. Now that all my recommendations are in, though, I guess I might as well get these finished up. Sigh.


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