Reminders of the Approaching Summer

The weather has been absolutely spectacular this past week. I find myself with very little desire to stay indoors, and thus, I haven’t. This pattern began on Tuesday, when, after a long run, I returned to the nearby park with a book, and proceeded to sit there for the next couple hours until it was a bit too chilly to be outside in my dress. Wednesday, I returned to my previous spot for another couple hours of reading, and on Thursday, it was even better: I picked up Alex on my way home from work and we sat in the park and read together. Well, read, and chatted, and napped. And generally enjoyed the sun. End result: I am already extremely freckly. Arguably my summer tan is well underway. And I started and finished Paul Krugman’s The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008, which I checked out from the American library here last week. (Also finished in the last week: Nicole Krauss’ History of Love. And I just started Hemingway‘s To Have and to Have Not). I find the weather a winning situation–I get through books, I sit in the sun, I have company. Could I ask for any more? Plus, I find it pleasant to people watch, since the idea to sit in the park is decidedly not an original one.

A lovely day to sit in the park! If only the picture did justice to the beautiful blue sky.

Alex and I parted ways so that Alex could head to her dance class around half four (note: decidedly approve of the British here). And not relishing the thought of hours of nothing to do in my apartment, I decided to make the most of the remaining daylight. So, for the first time since I brought my bike back to Nuremberg, I retrieved it for the basement. My initial plan was to explore what was immediately beyond my running path, see if it merited extending my runs. But I actually ended up on a longer trek, as I somehow decided to press on to Lauf, a town about 18 km away from Nuremberg (according to a website that, despite its usefulness on occasion, brings back the occasional memories of multivariable calculus (got that Mathematica? I STILL HATE YOU!)).

The Nürnberger Tor, the entry point into the main market square.

The town wasn’t at all interesting, but it was cute, I suppose. And I didn’t go because I thought it’d be awesome–just to have something to do. Which was reason enough to go. Besides, it had a certain Franconian charm.

And provided a pleasant reminder of just how serious some people take biking. Case in point:

You know, in case I feel like going the 395 km onwards, I could eventually follow the trail to Prague. 🙂

After a quick jaunt through the city, it was time to head back, and my timing was just perfect to catch the sunset over Nuremberg’s small lake/pond. Beautiful.

Nuremberg sunset.

And, perhaps in true form, I then dropped off my bike and went on a run. Since there was still daylight. And since I still had nothing to do all night. At any rate, Thursday afternoon was a wonderful reminder of just how pleasant life can be. A reminder that was highly appreciated this past week.


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