With a Little Help from my Friends

Sometimes, you have those days or weeks where it just seems like the world, your friends, work, and even the weather seem to be conspiring against you. You aren’t necessarily upset–c’est la vie–win some, lose some, you know?

Other days, however, a friend shows up at your door with cookies because she knows you’ve had a hard week, you catch up on Skype with friends you’ve not heard from in far too long, you receive visitors who cross the ocean to see you, or you are caught off-guard by a bouquet of flowers and the thoughtfulness of a very old friend.

And you remember that you are, indeed, quite blessed. And that is a wonderful feeling.


2 thoughts on “With a Little Help from my Friends

  1. I totally remember the feeling of getting a card from a friend unexpectedly or even just an email message when it’s been a while between conversations. It can make all the difference when you’re thousands of miles away from home.

  2. Yes! I know! Especially when people don’t call you ever because it costs a million cents a minute to call my cell phone here, meaning all contact has to be either coordinated or come from me.

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