Hooray for Holidays!

While I definitely appreciate long weekends, there is something magical about middle-of-the-week public holidays. And today, Thursday, marks Ascension Day, once translated by a beloved former-flatmate as “Heaven’s Cruise”. Of course, I am extra lucky, in that, it being Thursday, I am done with work until Tuesday. But what is lovely is that such holidays offer no pressure to go do something exciting and grand, thus really allowing you to really have the day off. And today was lovely. Alex and I decided today would be the day for a typical NYC brunch. And such, I showed up at her apartment at half-ten today to make some oatmeal muffins and eggs benedict, complete with baked tomatoes and fried potatoes. The spread was lovely!

Eggs Benedict/Florentine, tomatoes, potatoes, muffins, and, of course, mimosas!

Originally, we wanted to tack on a proper English tea (scones and maybe, just maybe, clotted cream), but that was originally ditched in favour of doing that in a couple weeks, when my mother and grandfather will be here (and when we might just be able to acquire the requisite unpasteurized milk to clot our own cream!). But as it were, our meal was more than sufficient without the complicated sweet course.

To another meal well-done!


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