Beil, Bavaria, Beer

in which I receive a visit from a dear friend, show her around Nuremberg, and take her to Erlangen’s big beer festival with Alex. Thus begins the round up on my final Bavarian vacation, this particular post concerning May 21-22.

Rachel arrived on Friday morning in Munich, and being the good host I am, I refused to pick her up in Munich, leaving her to fend for herself to Nuremberg. Hey, at least I picked her up at the train station. And there we were reunited. Another B for her colletion of visiting me (Berlin, Boston, Bavaria–next up: Bay Area? Berkeley? Belarus? Tomorrow never knows).

Rachel and I, in front of St. Sebaldus church.

We had lunch in my apartment and I sent her off to the Nazi museum (I had some paperwork for the summer that had needed finishing).  I picked her up a couple hours later for a walk through the rally grounds, then we returned to my apartment for dinner.

The next day was reserved for the requisite Nuremberg tour. And a lovely day it was!

The Burg on a beautiful day.

Our tour at an end, we headed over to pick up Alex, pausing quickly to deal with my attempts at clotting cream (jury is still out). And then the three or us were off to Erlangen, where they got the full (10 minute) tour. We met up with Matt and his friend Melanie to enjoy Bergkirchweih, Erlangen’s famous beer festival.

Rachel, me, Melanie, Matt. Rachel's first Maß--and she did well!

I had been told by locals it was nicer than Oktoberfest, but I had my doubts. Turns out, they were right.

Hey look, an entire cow on a spit! Hello, Franconia!

I decidedly approved.

Dig in! Alex, Rachel, and me, with a pretzel for five.

Bergkirchweih was much classier, with many fewer foreign tourists, and was all together fun, without the stress of finding a table (or the desperation that comes when you realise you might get to Oktoberfest and leave without a drop of beer!). We had our beers, enjoyed the afternoon.

Cheers! Prost!

I even ran into some of my students. Funny to see them in the real world… But, we couldn’t stay too late–we’d be taking a train early the next morning. So we parted with Matt and Melanie and returned to Nuremberg. Farewell, Erlangen! See you June 7!



2 thoughts on “Beil, Bavaria, Beer

  1. and your stein has made it safely home along with the rest of your things including the laundry in process. Seems like the Erlangen bier fest was a better destination that Nuernberg’s last weekend–though I sort of wish I had kept a mug!

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