Such Great Heights: Rotwand (1885 m)

in which Alex, Rachel, and I climb to the top of a hill and spend an enjoyable day in good company and environs.

We began, as usual, on a 7:08 train to Munich. It always seems to start there. At 6:50 am, Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof. We found ourselves two Mitfahrer, bringing down our transport costs to 6€ a person for the day. Not too shabby. We then changed at Munich, Rachel and I stored our stuff, and then we headed on to Fischhausen-Neuhaus, where we caught a bus to Spitzingsee. And from there it was onwards and upwards.

Alex and Rachel, with the little Spitzingsee behind them. The Alps are beautiful!

We paused at a waterfall, which seemed occasion to take a number of pictures as we generally enjoyed the beautiful weather and excellent company.

Alex fords the mini-stream.

After a bit, we took a break for a long lunch at a plach just above 1600 meters. Alex made a friend.

The dog was very cooperative and posed for a number of pictures.

And then we continued on, pausing frequently to enjoy the views.

Verliebt in die Alpen!

We finally made it to the Rotwandhaus, the final stop before the last ascent to the Gipfelkreuz.

The final meters left us questioning…

Rachel and Alex near the top.

But we made it. 1885 meters. Nice.

1885 meters, three tired girls, and one very understated Gipfelkreuz (for Bavarian standards).

The view from the top was predictably spectacular, even though the sky had sadly clouded over.  And then it was on down. In case you were wondering, you are NOT supposed to be riding your bicycle on these precarious trails.

No bicycling allowed!

Evidently the descent was the snowy side of the mountain, but we struggled through and made it down.

The three of us, on self-timer, with blade of grass.

Soon it gave way to a long Forstweg (paved), and we found ourselves enjoying beer and dinner in Geitau. And then, back to Munich. Where Rachel and I parted ways with Alex and headed to our hostel. A great day it had been!

Biergarten in Geitau. Bayern, i mog di!


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