Piran, Slovenia

in which my mother and I visit a picturesque small town on the Slovenian Adriatic coast, my mother goes for her predictable swim, and we enjoy the glories of being on the sea, including perhaps the most delicious fish I’ve ever had.

Piran, Slovenia is a gorgeous town. With a small tower, it is reminiscent of a picturesque smaller version of Venice, without the aesthetically pleasing but practically annoying canals and scores of tourists. My mother and arrived just a little before 2 pm, and we checked into our lovely bed and breakfast, where the young receptionist/manager/(part?)owner charmed me with his excellent English and general knowledge of his country (the English skills would prove to be a trend in Slovenia–I was blown away by the depth of knowledge of English). After setting down our stuff, we headed out to explore the small town of 4000 inhabitants. We started in the main square, which bears the name of the town’s most famous inhabitant, the great violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini.

Piran, Slovenia.

We started with a ramble up to the old city walls, which offer a lovely view on the town and the sea.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Though my mother and I took a picture together, the couple taking the picture didn’t exactly have a good eye for a picture (a shame! the man’s DSLR misled me into thinking he had the know-how to take a decent picture), so I shall settle for the one of my mother instead (the one of my mother and I together prominently features the fence and you can barely see the city).

Pondering the city.

We then headed down towards the sea, with one purpose in mind. Yes, the requisite dipping-the-feet-in-the-water picture.

My mom and I both get our feet into the Adriatic. Look, I am even wearing a swim suit! How out of character is that?!? (Admittedly, much more in character, I did not go in at all)

That, however wasn’t enough for my mother. After a quick lunch, she had one objective on her mind.

This is decidedly a Marth-moment. Look how happy she looks! "Could there possibly be anything better?" she wonders.

I sat and enjoyed the scenery, including the ominous sky, which made for a striking background.

We returned briefly back to our bed and breakfast so my mother could a take a shower, and we then headed off for dinner. Just as the sun was setting, making for a striking scene.

The Piran harbour.

Though I wasn’t feeling particularly well, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner with excellent Slovenian wine. My mom ordered a small sea bass, which was absolutely delicious (perhaps the best fish I have ever eaten). It had been a lovely day.

The next morning, we were greeted to a full day of rain, though the city retained its charm.

And from there, we hopped on an early afternoon bus to Divača, but more on that to come. Piran had proven to be a well-deserved first stop in Slovenia.


One thought on “Piran, Slovenia

  1. and what a great swim in the Adriatic it was! Piran was such a great stop! Glad to have passed on the foot dipping passion–you should have seen Lydia practically fly down a 450ft Michigan sand dune this weekend to do the same and reluctantly postpone the swimming due to time pressures–I was tempted but recognized that crawling up the 450ft dune would have taken me consdiderably longer than her 15 minutes….

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