It’s said they got off with quite a haul…

This week, in tribute to my increasing liberal hippie tendencies and also because the normal sources for rides to the grocery store are on holiday, my roommate and I decided to try out a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The one that has been sending me emails all semester had always seemed extremely ideal: J&P Organics doesn’t require any subscription, just an order the night before the drop-off time for your location and $23. For the convenience–I walked all of five minutes to pick these guys up–quality, and quantity, I can’t say I am at all disappointed. My kitchen was wonderfully stocked already, and now with all the produce I need for quite some time: apples, pears, tangerines, kale, beets, cilantro, potatoes, yams, peppers, carrots, a head of lettuce, and celery. And all local and organic. Makes me glad to be living somewhere where “local” gives you more than squash in late fall. Not bad at all.


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