Cookies and Potential Adventure

Some days, you would just rather make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies than attend to the reading that NEVER STOPS. Tonight was one of those nights.

I was completely fine with all this reading until extremely recently. But being currently rather “dizzy with confusion” rather than from the success I hoped might be the case, I am feeling a bit tired. Probably mostly because I am tired. But what to do with all these cookies?

Some clarity, however limited, has come to me. It would appear that I will be in Tajikistan this summer, although the actual logistics for that are still very much up in the air. If I had to wager a bet, though, I would bet I would be missing graduation and doing Persian on the government’s dime, rather than Uzbek on Stanford’s. We’ll see. Not wagering anything whatsoever on next year.

Still, my life keeps me more than busy these days, particularly as I realize I am supposed to be working on three research papers. Simultaneously. Should probably get on that… But, a three day weekend promises a little time for fun, if only a small break from the books. I might even get some nice pictures out of it! After a month without leaving Palo Alto, I think it’s about time.

Now about those cookies…


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