Decisions, Decisions

Now that all my emails have been sent — both the good and the bad — I feel much better about mentioning this, rather than simply alluding to it (technically, it’s already been said, but only through discreet phrases: “to-be advisor” vs. “hypothetical advisor”; and I certainly don’t expect that kind of close reading on a silly blog), I am off to Michigan next year.

And here’s one to the UMich students, who were mostly responsible for my final decision (though a lot more money certainly helps)! Looking forward to joining you next fall!

As a related note, I think I am going to keep this card from my grandmother forever. I think she probably had no idea when she wrote it, though she’s been slowly indoctrinating me with U-M pencils since early childhood. Also, for Soviet history junkies, please note the careful placement (which makes all the more sense, too, if you know that Ron Suny wrote the first article in the Sheila Fitzpatrick Festschrift). Yes, I am a nerd.

And that’s all I have to say about that. For now, at least.


2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. seems like Grandmother’s U-Mich propaganda has had better results than some of her other campaigns–remains to be seen whether we get a “Wheatie” in the family…Felicidades! I am sure it feels good to have the decision made…and we look forward to having you nearer by and perhaps the opportunity to see the Big House up close and personal…enjoy the rest of the quarter!

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