Fact: My Family is Awesome.

A collection of pictures from the time in New York.

The Whittington handful. This is what happens when my mom wants a nice picture. So much love for these guys!

As a big family of seven, particularly given the propensity to travel that was trained into us from an early age, we rarely have the opportunity to spend time together. Needless to say, our time in New York offered an always welcomed opportunity for the usual family hilarity. As seems to always be the case, our time was limited (see exhibits A, B, C, and D). And thus, we were left to make extremely good use of it. Which, as always, we did.

A throwback to our childhood, the trip also put the seven of us into a minivan together for a period of time longer than a quick ride to church or a normal FFO (fun family outing). And thus, in fond memory of old times, there was plenty of napping. And also, the return of all our childhood road traditions, which included all sorts of ridiculous games (bottom left is some sort of freeze-game that the younger three play) and the 15-minute gummies. Basically, when we were children, our parents would always have gummies for the road, and they were distributed to us once every 15 minutes or some other interval, with the catch that, if we asked about them, the time would be extended by another arbitrary interval. My mother had not purchased gummies, so we absolutely insisted upon a stop along the New Jersey turnpike. Could we really drive two hours without those babies? NO WAY!

Also implicit in our family traditions is my mother’s constant insistence on getting nice photos, and our utter refusal to cooperate. Now, my siblings like to make fun of me for continuing this trait, but there are at least a few distinctions: first, I actually prefer the ridiculous, and second, I am less about the posed pictures and more about just documenting life (and third (Hi, Mom!), I actually think about photo composition!). Needless to say, when we got to the Palisades and my mom wanted a picture, all hell broke loose. Some of the collection, in addition to the one featured at the top:

Of course, the landscape is GORGEOUS. So there were some nicer pictures taken…

Ruth looks out over the city, freakishly close considering how remote the area feels.

When we got to Bear Mountain, the area around West Point, the shenanigans continued as we went for a walk around the baby Hessian Lake.

All the Whittington kids, in various forms.

The scenery was, of course, lovely:

Clockwise from the top: Thomas in profile; Ruth looks out over Hessian Lake; our NH Whittington cousins, chatting on a bench below; Ruth looks out again, our cousin Miriam behind.

Of course, West Point was pretty too, and since I neglected to post pictures on the previous post, I will toss in a collage.

But, as always, the background was simply that. New York was pretty, but really, it was a time for family. The conditions were certainly not the happiest for our reunion. Funerals are never all fun and games. But the time to enjoy each other’s company was one excellent opportunity to celebrate the life of our wonderful grandfather and a wonderful tribute to his memory. That we were all seven together was unanticipated, and our time together was only brief, but that made it all the more appreciated. So, here’s to our next reunion, which, owing to conflicting graduations (Daniel and me), summers in Tajikistan (me), and studying abroad in South Africa (Lydia), won’t be for another six months or so. Who knows what we’ll be up to. But here’s a bet. There will be pictures and absurdity.


2 thoughts on “Fact: My Family is Awesome.

  1. I LOVE all the pics.!!!!! They really bring me back to when I use to see those beautiful faces in the rear view mirror while driving the MINI van…..LOL No really I miss you guys so much!!!!!! I’m so sorry that I will not be able to see you next week Anna:( I sooooo enjoy your blogs!!!! Love to all DEBbie

  2. awesome indeed!!! Glad we had the rare opportunity to gather in spite of the circumstances
    buen viaje, Love, Mom

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