The Wind is in from Africa!

in which I make an impromptu visit to Columbus to greet my sister, back from a four-month stay in South Africa. Also a tailgate.

Reunions, reunions. It was high time!

Knowing that my beloved sister, Lydia, was due on the 19th from her semester abroad in South Africa, I decided an impromptu visit to Columbus was in order. After all, I hadn’t seen her in about six months, and even that was a short couple days for my grandfather’s funeral. When the only competing activities were what was apparently a fabulous 90s-themed party and $60 of gas, my sister decidedly won out (though I REALLY wish I hadn’t needed to miss Sarah’s party…). And thus, Friday afternoon, I turned up in Columbus. By that evening, I had bought a car and insurance, and we headed off for the requisite trip to Jeni’s. I’ve already raved about the place, so I’ll just mention my choice this time: a scoop of Goat Cheese and Cognac Figs (“Mackenzie Creamery’s super fresh goat cheese with pockets of saucy cognac-soaked figs and almonds. A lighter, more ethereal cheesecake with Courvoisier and figs.”), topped with a scoop of Frankincense & Almond Cake (“Slightly floral ice cream with a subtle spice and a lemony balm. Honey soaked almond cake crumbles strewn plentifully throughout..”). Major win.

On Saturday, I went out shopping with my parents for the surprise part of my birthday gift. Namely, cross country skis. Yet another new, exciting possession! Pretty excited about that, too. Afterwards, I headed towards OSU to stop in at the tailgate party of Calen, my only friend in Columbus.

As far as talent goes, may the record firmly state: Calen is distinctly bad at this game.

Over dinner on Friday, I had learned my sister was, in fact, flying into Cincinnati, rather than Columbus, meaning if I had wanted to meet her, I was going to have to head down to Kentucky with my parents (Cincinnati’s airport is a good 20 minutes into Kentucky, and all in all, a hair over two hours from Columbus). I  decided, having already driven as far as Columbus, I was game for the final stretch. And what a glorious reunion. Said Lydia, “I did NOT expect you to be here!”

Sunday, for one of no more than a half-dozen times in my entire life while at home, I skipped out on church and spent the morning catching up on the work I needed to do that I might have gotten done had the airport run been 45 minutes, rather than 2.5 hours, and, best of all, catching up with my sister–over lunch, coffee, and shopping.

My AMAZING breakfast burrito at North Star.

My sister’s soup and salad combo: also not too shabby!

And of course, time for hanging out at home, before I took off for Ann Arbor around 7.

Did I mention how awesome my family is?!

So excited to be complete on Thursday! And so glad to have Lydia back in the States! Now, we are all based in the Midwest. Not too shabby!


One thought on “The Wind is in from Africa!

  1. Of course, if you hadn’t driven to Cincinnati, you might still have seeing “O Brother, Where Art Thou? on your “must see movie list” (for reasons that still escape me…). nice post-looking forward to all 7 of us being together! hasta pronto, love, Mom

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