Thanksgiving with the Whittingtons

in which I celebrate Thanksgiving with the family for the first time in five years, and the family is reunited in its entirety for the first time since May. Oh, and a screening of the best/worst movie. All in a holiday weekend!

Thanksgiving day began slowly, as I had a bit of baking to do before my sister and I took off for Canadian Lakes, a small resort community where my grandparents built a cabin now almost 20 years ago (hard to believe!). But we made it around 2:30 and were not even the last ones there. This year present, in addition to all seven (Ohio) Whittingtons, were my aunt and uncle, cousin Isaac, and my grandmother. After everyone had gathered, there was still work to be done before we were finally gathering around for our big meal. Success on all fronts! And who could forget, of course, dessert?! Including my Aunt Julie’s always spectacular pumpkin pie, and my now very standard contribution, a pear-apple-blackberry concoction (though, it’s been taken to three very different Thanksgivings, so who’s to know it’s standard, except anyone who reads this?).

After five years away (here’s an overview of my past Thanksgivings), it was wonderful to be doing the meal with the family once more, particularly as we’ve had so little time together in the past few months (we’re a traveling bunch, so it’s hard to coordinate–at one point, we were on three continents, and there may have even been a point we were in four countries, though I suppose that depends on when my mother went to Canada). And pleasantly, the rest of the holiday–I suppose just Friday and Saturday–was gloriously unscheduled. Which meant lots of time for hanging out.

Needless to say, we were all pretty excited to have Lydia back.

Feet feet feet!

The weather was also unseasonably warm, which made for a pleasant afternoon down by the “lake” (it’s manmade, so you can decide how authentic that makes it).

My little brother, Thomas.

True to form, I tried some artsy shots:

But mostly, just enjoying a nice day.

The cabin is at the top of the main picture, more right than left. In the other pictures, you see my father, brother, and sister.

On Friday afternoon, Daniel’s fiancée, Lila, drove up from Holland, where her mother lives, and there was a long-anticipated trip to see Twilight. Given that it started like this, you know this was a successful outing.

Ruth, for the record, was imitating the werewolves, who are kind of hard to see (also, she probably should have been between). Is this possibly the best picture I took? Yep.

Afterwards, out of respect for our fellow movie goers, we made a stop at McDonald’s to have a good laugh at the amazingness that had just taken place. It would be hard to give a favorite moment–the whole thing was just so wonderful(ly terrible). Seriously, probably the most enjoyable trip to the movies in a long time.

And then, it was Saturday morning and already time for the breaking of the fellowship. My mother insisted on a picture for the Christmas cards, as it was the only time all eight of us (that is, including Lila) would be together, probably until next May for the wedding (for the record, my own winter break plans are ruining the next chance at completeness).

Reunited again, the whole clan. With our future member, too! Not the most awesome picture, but hey, still apparently going out on their Christmas cards.

And with that, Lydia and I took off for Ann Arbor, making a brief stop here before she headed on home in possession of her own car once more (meanwhile, mine sits downstairs in my carport). Not at all a shabby break. Except, of course, from the standpoint of doing work. But that goes with the territory. So, until December, family! Soon soon soon!


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