A Kyiv New Year’s!

Kyiv on New Year's Eve.

After our crazy jaunt through Kharkiv, it was back to Kyiv. As mentioned, we arrived in Kyiv’s second airport, without the slightest clue of where we were. So, we did the logical thing, and hopped a bus to some metro stop. And when we got off, we realized that we had managed to land right by the memorial for Babyn Yar. While not exactly what I had in mind for a return to Kyiv, we stopped to see the memorial.

Clockwise: "For the sake of the future"; the main memorial, then me with it; the monument for murdered children.

Having started on such an uplifting note, we took it easy for the day, finishing it off at a fantastic restaurant (and of course, stopping way too long at the bookstore). The next day was filled with all sorts of jobs and errands, as we scrambled for the finishing touches on New Year’s gifts, edible contributions to our party, and getting stuff moved from its place of storage to the Rybiys’ apartment.

Where we chatted with some old babushki about cooking. Definitely a way to my heart.

But alas, our task was completed, and it was time to ring in the New Year. No pictures of me turned up on my camera, but it was a pleasant night of nice company.

Oh Nazar, such a character! And so lovely to see them again!

With the New Year upon us, it was time to tune in. Oh hey there, Yanukovych.

And hey there, 2012. New Year’s Day was rather more of the same, as we wandered around, with a break or two for coffee and other assorted necessities. The Maidan was decked out to the max, with an enormous New Year’s tree to boot. And, after days of eerily empty cities (particularly on the 30th in Kyiv), it was nice to see people out and about.

I even bought some Ukrainian tinsel for my tree in Michigan, for example. Definitely a must.

Keeping warm. Coffee is good.

Maki was even treated, courtesy of my most wonderful mother (and most faithful blog-reader) to his first proper Christmas stocking. Filled with all sorts of hilarity (a hit–and much appreciated, Mom!).

Of course, Khrystynka was as adorable as always. I was glad to see her Disney Princess water coloring book was a success!

I kind of love this girl.

And more or less like that, our time in Kyiv was already wrapping up. With wonderful hosts, excellent company, and a successful entrance into the new year, it was a pleasant few days. But alas, on to the next adventure, and time for the highlight of the trip: a glorious return to Lviv, a city much changed in the four years since my last trip there. But enough for now, I’ll leave Lviv for the weekend, I hope. Doing my best to get my January adventures logged before my February adventures start–leaving for Germany three weeks from tomorrow! Insanity.


3 thoughts on “A Kyiv New Year’s!

  1. glad the Christmas stocking was a hit…aren’t they always? and Khrystynka is indeed adorable!!! The suitcase picture reminded me of days of yore…Love, Mom

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