Definitely in Kazakhstan

To date, my time in Kazakhstan has been rather uneventful. I’ve had busy mornings, followed by pretty low-key afternoons. I’ve taken few pictures of note. So, for the meantime, I will offer tangible proof of my presence in Kazakhstan: a picture from (Almaty’s) Gorky Park, taken from the ferris wheel in the park.

I’d have taken the picture to have more noteworthy Almaty landmarks–the Hotel Kazakhstan, for example. But hey, the TV tower’s there! And my person-less version, complete with a lovely view of the mountains.

In the week since I’ve arrived, I’ve learned an impressive amount of Kazakh, followed (though mostly only with audio commentary) too much of the Euro 2012 for my own good (when most games start at 12:45 am, things do not bode well for my 7:15 alarm), gotten to know a few people around here (fellow historians, my host family, fellow program-mates), and have returned to a much more regular running schedule. These activities, however, have left me pretty exhausted. I’m now making a mental note to do more activities and take more pictures. For the meantime, I’ll let this suffice. Алматыға қош келдіңіз! Welcome to Almaty!


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