Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Madison.

My first stop back in the states (to be covered shortly in a grand summary post) was Madison, where my brother lives with his wife, Lila. They got married last May (here), and they’ve been living in Madison since. Because my brother was kind enough to take care of my car for the summer, I flew back to Chicago and headed up for a quick visit to get my car and head back to Michigan. We had a lovely day to spend, and one of our stops was the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Hilarity and absurdity was everywhere at the actually beautiful Olbrich Botanical Gardens. First, there were the signs, which really did need a better copy editor. Did you know these Madison park, for example, has a few dubious distinctions to its name?

I’m sorry, but when you get this specific, you wonder what the point is… The first is fine. But the second. Really? Seriously, guys?

And then there was this brilliant, redundant work of redundancy (the first sentence):

And the people-watching, too! I kind of loved this photo shoot as we watched from above.

But the icing on the cake, really, was Flame 1, a statue on display in the gardens. Childish impulses could not be restrained.

Seriously, guys, did anyone take a look at this before you installed it in your park?! Did anyone object? Sometimes you just have to wonder…


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