Hints of Spring (Please?)

2012-03-22 spring 04

Argo Pond, Ann Arbor.

Now, I really don’t have much against winter. Though I spent a lovely year of my life in California and would move there again in an instant if the opportunity came to me, I am perfectly fine with a four season year. My patience for winter, though, basically ends with spring break, particularly if I’ve been in warmer climes (in this case, 65-70 degrees in New Orleans). So this past week — really the past two, with 18-degree mornings and wimpy, blustery snow has been a bit of a frustration. And all the more so once it suddenly becomes technically spring. But today was one of those glorious 40-degree days that almost make that long, cold winter worth it.

Various views of Argo Pond and the melting ice along the sides.

Various views of Argo Pond and the melting ice along the sides.

One of those days that reminds you that spring is really coming. And nothing like a good run in shorts (and a warm, long-sleeved shirt, mind you) to remind you of it. See, I’m not asking for really warm weather, just the occasional sunshine and at least the 40s, give (but not take!) 10 or 20 degrees. Of course, spring brings its downsides, too:

2012-03-22 spring 05

After a little too much of this mud, almost slipping down a hill, and basically having to walk anyway because my shoes were sticking too much into the mud. But hey, at least my shoes are no longer embarrassingly clean!

2012-03-22 spring 07

Now that I’ve covered the long winter, I can move on to spring, with next on the agenda a fabulous early March road trip.


One thought on “Hints of Spring (Please?)

  1. Anna! …come to Russia; yesterday’s forecast was -25C in some regions of Moscow and podmoskove 🙂 In Russia even weather has it’s own attitude

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