A Glorious Cheesecake

As summer winds to a close (6 more days, I guess!), I feel obligated to make the most of the dwindling assortment fruits and vegetables, so when a dear friend celebrated her birthday recently, a last summer cake was definitely in order, before fall’s spices and pumpkins set in. I think you can hardly do better then a lemon-berry combination, and this time around, I settled on cheesecake.

2013-09-13 hanna bday 1

My baking habits are eclectic, to say the least, and I rarely follow a recipe with any particular accuracy, making it sometimes difficult to duplicate results. In this case, however, I basically followed this recipe for Lemon Soufflé Cheesecake perfectly, with the only alteration being the addition of raspberries (raspberries were on sale). Seriously, can you get prettier than fresh berries on a cake?

2013-09-13 hanna bday 5

Success! Happy birthday, Hanna!

2013-09-13 hanna bday 15




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