Qutb Minar, Delhi

August 11-14: Delhi.

Since we’re traveling in India sans computers, I’ve decided to post occasional photos from our travels, to give a taste of what we’re up to, even though I am not going to write proper posts until I get to Tajikistan. Here’s the first in this series: the Qutb Minar complex, in the south of Delhi.

The complex was the best thing we saw in our few days in Delhi, in part for the amazing Quwwat ul-Islam, the ruins of a 12-the century mosque, built on the ruins of 27 Hindu temples, and incorporating parts of them. In the two pictures above, Maki and I are standing in front of the Qutb Minar, the tallest brick minaret in the world!

Bonus: new use for my Tajik outfit!


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